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deviation in storage by griffling
deviation in storage by griffling
Why don't you use this to find someone with more talent than I?



Mouthful of Diamonds by Altermentality
Mouthful of Diamonds
Another speedpaint/color practice. This one took less time than the first, and I actually like it more! Will I ever do one that isn't SPM-based, or will I work my way through all the villains? The O'Chunks one is going to blow your eyeballs out with beauty.

The title comes from a song I was listening to while drawing, because I was reminding myself of this album's cover art. Some of the lyrics turned out to be extremely fitting for Mimi, I think.…
Endgame by Altermentality
"But I am here now... no one can keep us apart anymore... don't you see?"

"It is too late... Count Bleck has done so much evil... it must end. Just knowing you are still alive... and knowing that the world you still live in will continue... it gives me peace."

Tried to do a speedpaint. Ended up taking me about two hours. I was listening to Mario Party music... it was wildly inappropriate.

Super Paper Mario (c) Nintendo/Intelligent
Eternal SPM obsession (c) me. 
THE MAN IN GREEN by Altermentality
So... basically...

I was joking around on twitter about how despite being an SPM mega-fan, I've never drawn Mr. L.

Don't look at me like that. It's true! Unless you count this:

And I don't.

I always leave him out of my Bleck's crew stuff because everyone else was around for longer, and have a closer bond. Mr. L was just like a temp, not there of his own choice, and he never belonged as much as the others. I realize a lot of people don't see it that way. So I'm going to work on including him a bit more in anything I do in the future. For now... my friend suggested that I had to troll everyone first by drawing this guy, the sexy MAN IN GREEN...

COLLAB WITH HAMBAMMICH64: Anchor by Altermentality
LINE ART: :iconhambammich64:
Everything else: Me :meow:
Super Paper Mario: Nintendo/Intelligent Systems
Please download to see this as it was meant to be seen!

A few weeks ago, I was catching up on my old friend and fellow Super Paper Mario obsessive hambammich64's gallery when I spotted a picture that I really loved. (Oh and if you like SPM and haven't checked out her gallery yet, YOU HAVE TO.) She said she wasn't entirely happy with it, however, and was never going to color it. But I liked it just so goshdarn much (especially since I've always been fond of the "red string of fate" concept), and as it just so happens I'm trying to focus more on my coloring these days, so I asked her to send it to me- and here we are!

For something I didn't draw, I've grown awfully attached to this picture. I had a great time choosing the quotes, listening to the game's music and getting all gushy and mushy about SPM all over again.

Since I didn't *DRAW* the picture, but I did a lot of thinking about it, I offer my personal interpretation of the way Fate wraps its way around each of the characters.


Bleck - his hands are tied, literally and figuratively. He is in thrall to a destiny that he typically embraces; but when doubts and regret creep into his mind, when he is more lucid, he sees himself as victim of the Prognosticus and the Chaos Heart moreso than their controller. He walks handcuffed as in a prison line, feeling that he once was playing a game of chess but somehow became a pawn on the board. The lower quote is the only time he refers to himself as "I" in the entire game before its climactic events, hinting that deep within him struggles a Blumiere who longs to take everything back, who is kept suppressed by the self-imposed distance and grandiosity of his persistent referral to himself as Count Bleck. How little he knows that within him still lies the power of love that will undo his actions.

Nastasia - Nastasia sees her greatest asset as her brain, be it her intelligence, reliability, or her attention to detail that keeps the whole team together, not even to mention her mind-control powers. Fate has wrapped itself around her neck, and as the events of the game escalate it wraps ever tighter, cutting off circulation to her logic, her rationality, her calm and collected demeanor; overpowering her with emotion and fear for the people she loves, no matter how hard she tries to hide it behind her professionalism.

O'Chunks - Strength, loyalty and honor are important above all things to the warrior. Unfortunately, he's painfully aware that he's never on quite the same page as his colleagues, be it in wits or the lack of supernatural powers. As the heroes' quest progresses and he faces one humiliating defeat after another, the fact that they - and, he fears, even his friends - see him as little more than comedic relief erodes his dignity to the point that he would rather be killed in battle than see them again. With a little external pushing, he decides to fight on, under the condition that he eschews all vulnerability and strives to become the mere dumb muscle as which others already perceive him. All of this to say that fate has tripped him up, has embarrassed him, has brought his pride low.

Mimi - while you could say the string could very well run straight through the hearts of all these characters (except perhaps Dimentio), it wraps itself most tightly around Mimi's chest. Why? As the youngest among them, her views on the universe and on people are the most formative and vulnerable. She fights alongside the others because they are her friends moreso than from a bitterness at the universe's corruption and a genuine desire to see it remade (hence her referral to war as merely "icky"). She grants Bleck the pure trust of an adolescent towards a beloved mentor, and in the end she loses him. Dimentio's betrayal has the potential to rub her the rawest of any of the minions. Much as it once did for a young lord who lost someone he loved, Fate wraps itself around her heart, attempting to squeeze out her joy, tempting her ultimate potential for ruthlessness. But in the end, despite all that has happened, she greets the stable universe with a smile, determined to build a better world.

Mr. L - Luigi is most known for his legs, but as Mr. L the man subconsciously tosses aside the timidity of his old persona, and other characteristics with it. It is with his arms that Mr. L builds the machines he intends to take down his (unbeknownst to him) brother and friends. Fate wraps itself around the arms of the brainwashed man, strangely freeing him initially but eventually clenching to cause him to dance like a puppet.

And that brings us to... the puppet master. Who twirls fate around his pinky, who yanks the string tighter with a smile on his face, who cuts his bond with a laugh.
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Last year I had a ton of resolutions, and even methods of measuring them - they were portioned out into a system, and I thought it would be easy to follow and tangibly measure my success.

I failed, though! I got distracted, and trying to follow such a strict time-based system was more stressful than rewarding. This year I'm back to keeping it simple and more vague.

Some people realize they never live up to their resolutions, and thus give up on ever making them. But, at least for me, the yearly desire to refresh yourself and the hope to improve, even if it is naive, has become far more important to me than any gift I may have received at this time of year. I also find it helpful to find resolutions that you can look forward to, rather than things that seem like deprivation or a chore. I look forward to improving myself! Yes, I also should drink less caffeine and alcohol... that should be a part of my new year's commitments too, but I need to balance those out with resolutions I can get excited about.

I have two art resolutions, and they are part of a whole. An old weakness of mine has been to draw people just standing around in static poses. Likewise, I am consistently afraid of using inventive and fun colors. I think, "But his shirt is REALLY blue! So I have to make it blue... or at least start off with making it blue, and maybe I can shade it interestingly." But whether it's fanart or my webcomic, if everyone already KNOWS his shirt is really blue, why do I need to be so faithful and constrain myself from having fun with lighting and color that can provide emotional impact and excitement?

So my resolution is to have more impact, more excitement, and more risks in my art using the twofold process of more dynamic poses/angles, and more inventive colors. Some of my efforts may come out a little awkward, but I'll forgive myself if you forgive me ;)

I also want to write and read more. And keep in better contact with old friends, and focus less on trying to make new ones (because they'll come without my effort, if they truly need to be there).

The good news is: I've already got a head start on all of these resolutions, and I'm enjoying them. So rather than just projecting good intentions into the future, I need to maintain and improve on what I've already started.

What are YOU looking forward to improving in the new year?


Courtney Svatek
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United States
23 years old. Everything I can do with art is completely self-taught. My main project is The Fourth, a story webcomic that I create with my boyfriend: When I get the chance, I also like to do a smattering of video game fanart. If you like what you see, I do commissions for pretty cheap! (Look here:… )


Donkey Kong Country 2 stamp by ShinyCharizard

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